Summing up experience

Once the project has been handed over to the client it is expedient to sum up the experience gathered. Subsequently, a report is produced and handed over to the company.
The experience collected is an evaluation of the building project in question with respect to the below mentioned issues:

Own organization Internal professional competencies – were they sufficient?
Parties involved in the project How was the cooperation during the course of the project?

  • Client
  • Consultants
  • Supplier
  • Sub-contractors

A mark book may be worked out giving grades

Finances Final calculation of the building project
Contribution margin?
Risk Calculated risk percentage – was it sufficient?
Planning and management Was time schedule observed?
Was follow-up sufficient?
Technical risks Was the information in the project documents regarding risks sufficient?

  • Quality of the project
  • Personal injuries (accidents and near-by-accidents)
  • Finances
  • Time
Materials Good / bad experiences with materials
Equipment Good / bad experience with the use of equipment
Handling authorities How was the communication with authorities and with The Danish Working Environment Authorities?
Handing-over process Defects and shortcomings?
The building project in general The course of the building cycle
Particular experience in relation to:
  • Quality assurance
  • Working environment
  • Environment
  • Professional issues

The company uses the experience gathered as an internal tool for future projects in order to optimize a project on the basis of previous experience. Based on this the contractor may work out ‘hands-on-experience’ leaflets containing solutions to problems repeatedly experienced in different building projects

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