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Handbook for project and construction management – Fundamental concepts

This handbook is primarily intended for the use by students in their final semester of the constructing architect education – specializing in construction management.Construction management aims at a future career as a construction or project manager working for a contractor.

The handbook will also be useful as a guide for small and medium sized contractors.

The handbook is a joint venture between lecturers in construction management at VIA University College in Horsens (Vibeke Kragh, Benny Olsen, and Henrik Kopp) and KEA – Københavns Erhvervsakademi (Eva Weincke, Kaj Torben Hansen, Benny Lennart Bay, Anders Christensen and Lone Lykke Larsen).

Consequently, the handbook will contain requirements for documentation and other examples that are not necessarily relevant to contractors, but are deemed relevant for students.

The handbook is based on practical examples from a fictive contractor. In this context, relevant aspects from ‘real-life’ contractors will be included. The booklet is based on project coordination showing the progress in the construction process. The sections follow project phases from tender to handing over – in a main contractor contract. As turnkey contracting has been used to an ever increasing degree – this contract form will also be touched upon.

No rules without exemptions – assignment solutions may have a certain optional character.

The printed version of the handbook contains:
Specification of the construction process starting with the reception of tender documents and ending with the 5-year final inspection.

Handbook for project and construction management(pdf)

The digital version of the handbook contains:
The above mentioned specification of the construction process as well a collection of supplementary examples containing relevant documentation to be used during the construction process – including examples of the different tools used by the contractor and the project manager – from tender to 5 year inspection.
Each section will contain links to relevant web pages. By the end of each section you will find links to supplementary examples.

It is our hope that coming and newly graduated project managers will find inspiration in the systematic way in which the phases are described.
In order to improve the next edition, we welcome comments on the contents from experienced project managers.

Original language: Danish
Original title: ’LOGBOG – Oversigt over byggeprocessen for udførende’
Translation by: Karsten Lundager, lecturer, VIA University College, Horsens

A minor revision has been made Dec. 2018  with references to AB 18.